A brief history 

The fingerless glove became a fashion statement in the 1980s, made iconic by celebrities such as Billy Idol and Madonna. 
The lace fingerless glove can however, be traced back as early as the 19th Century. Gloves were an essential item in a lady's wardrobe during this time and lace mitts could be paired with a woman's day, or evening dress. 

Although a little more revealing than a conventional glove, the fingerless style would have still been deemed respectable in social circles and the ideal accessory on a warm summer's day. Not as restrictive, the fingerless glove also provided greater freedom for movement and for those Victorian women wearing corsets, I'm sure this would've been welcomed!  

What's the purpose of fingerless gloves? 

Fingerless gloves have been wrongly dismissed as 'useless' for failing to fulfil their purpose; keeping your hands warm. This simply isn't true. Like other styles, the glove covers your pulse point as well as your palm and wrist. So even though your fingers are exposed, you can be assured that your hands will remain toasty. 

The clear advantage of the fingerless glove is its non-restrictive qualities. The mobility they provide makes them ideal for driving and cycling. It also cannot be denied that this style of glove makes quite the statement piece.


Our Snetterton driving glove (pictured below) is the perfect accessory for the car enthusiast. Made from premium hairsheep leather, it's supple in nature and acts like a second skin. There's no doubt you'll feel safe and stylish behind the wheel with this fingerless glove. 

men's fingerless driving glove

Men's Fingerless Leather Driving Gloves. 

Almost identical in design, we also have our women's Lashana glove available. Similarly to the Snetterton, this glove design is unlined and helps to ensure a firm grip. 


With a pair of fingerless gloves, the unpredictable British weather won't be able to stop you from taking a bike ride. Our Corsham glove will help keep your hands warm, without compromising your grip on the handlebars. The elasticated wrist and padded palms that feature in this design will provide added comfort. 


As the celebrity looks have shown, the fingerless glove can elevate any look. Our women's short fingerless lace gloves (pictured below) provide an edgy alternative to the conventional occasion glove and for those brave enough, are a stand out accessory when about town. The style of this black pair is timeless and their intricate floral pattern make them ooze femininity. 

women's black lace fingerless gloves

Women's Short Fingerless Lace Gloves.

It seems then, that the fingerless glove isn't so pointless after all!

Shop our men's and women's fingerless gloves. 

Women's Fingerless Gloves


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