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Now, more than ever, it has become increasingly important to treasure and mend items rather than throw them away and buy new ones. At Dents we understand that our gloves can last a lifetime but may need a helping hand from time to time.

Offering exceptional craftsmanship since 1777, we continue to create and repair the finest leather gloves in the world in our factory in Warminster, England. Our glove repair service includes a variety of options, including lining replacements, stitching repairs and dome and stud replacements.

Please note, this repair service is:

  • Only available for Dents gloves 
  • Only available to customers based in the UK 
  • Only possible for like-for-like linings (e.g., old cashmere replaced with new cashmere)



Lead Time

Replacement of cashmere lining

This is a premium 3-ply cashmere lining used in our Heritage gloves

£40 - £50*

4 - 8 weeks

Replacement of silk lining

This is a premium 100% Milanese silk lining used in our Heritage gloves

£35 - £50*

Repair of hand sewing

£20 - £30* 

Dependent on severity

Repair of machine sewing

£15 - £25*

Dependent on severity

Replacement of domes and studs


*Charges are inclusive of delivery to return the repaired gloves. 

If the nature of the required repair is not listed above, please contact us.

Leather Glove Repair Guide

1. Request

To request a repair, please email us at with the following:

  • The style or name of the glove
  • The size of the glove
  • A description of your repair requirement 
  • Photographs of the gloves including the hem - both inside and out
  • The order number (if possible)

2. Review - Stage One

We will make an initial assessment based on the images sent to us and if we think we can proceed, we will ask you to send the gloves to us for a final inspection. 

3. Review - Stage Two

On receiving your gloves, we will conduct a final inspection to confirm that the repair is possible. If it is, we will email you an invoice for payment.

4. Rubber Stamp

Once payment has been received, we will book your gloves in for repair.

5. Repair

Our team of highly skilled craftspeople will repair your gloves.

6. Return

Once the gloves have been repaired, we will then return them back to you so you can enjoy them once again!

If you have any further questions about our repairs service, please contact us.

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