As we head into winter, we're transitioning into cosy gloves. What better way to keep your hands toasty than with a pair of our luxuriously soft cashmere lined gloves. But, what makes our cashmere so special? 

Why our cashmere?

The cashmere used to line our heritage gloves has been carefully sourced from China, Mongolia and Afghanistan. The fibre's natural properties are used to their fullest to ensure the quality, durability and soft feel of the wool is not lost. We are then left with a breathable, lightweight and cosy material that's perfect for keeping hands comfortably warm.

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A brief history of cashmere

Cashmere's popularity can be traced back as early as the 14th Century. During this time, the wool was used to make garments for those enduring the harsh Himalayan winters.

As exportation and world trade routes increased in the 18th Century, the fibre became popular amongst the upper classes across Europe and America. Cashmere's silky soft feel made it the perfect fibre for a lady's shawl and soon became a staple in the elites' wardrobe. It is perhaps unsurprising then, that cashmere has been referred to as 'the golden fleece!'

Today, cashmere is still considered a luxury item, but is far more prevalent in high street stores. Here at Dents, its really important to us that we make our cashmere lined gloves as affordable as possible, without compromising on the grade of the wool. 

cashmere goat

Contrary to popular belief, cashmere doesn't come from sheep, but goats! 

Cashmere's properties

Cashmere brings a touch of luxury to your wardrobe, but it also has some extremely practical properties. The fibre is...

1. Warm

Cashmere wool is not only softer and lighter than sheep's wool, but it's said to be 7-8 times better at keeping you warm! 

2. Versatile

Cashmere can keep you warm from the cold, but its breathability will also ensure your temperature is regulated in accordance with the weather. 

3. Sustainable

Cashmere is a natural fabric and therefore, biodegradable. In addition, because of the absence of lanolin in the yarn, you will not need to wash it as frequently or at high, non-eco-friendly temperatures. In fact, the best way to care for your delicate cashmere is through hand washing. 

 "Cashmere is a super soft natural material, it has a luxury feel and can get softer with age. It's insulating, breathable and lightweight."  Emma Wills, Designer at Dents. 

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