Over the last few months, our Dents Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers have been eagerly anticipating a launch date for The Suited Racer x Dents collection. Well, today is the day!

For those of you that don’t know, we have been working on a collaborative collection with the mysterious Instagram star, who, over the past few years, has shown a liking to our leather driving gloves.

The design team here at Dents has been extremely busy over the past few months working on the designs for the collection with The Suited Racer’s vision in mind. Leather wash bags, card holders, wallets and, of course, driving gloves, all feature in the collection and are stamped with The Suited Racer’s signature ‘x’ motif.

Here’s what the man himself had to say about the collaborative collection and the inspiration behind his designs…

What prompted you to collaborate with Dents?

I’ve been a big fan of Dents for a long time. When people started to notice my work, I was always wearing a pair. It wasn’t long before I developed a friendship with the Dents team. Very few brands have as long a tradition as Dents. When the door to create this design collaboration creaked open, I pried my fingers in. I am honoured they would consider me as they are so selective with who they work with for their designs.

What makes your collection unique and how have you incorporated your own ethos into it?

There's nothing new under the sun...but the collection was designed with all the needs I have. On the technical aspect, most gloves are touchscreen; which is a necessity for someone like me. The wallets have RFID protection. Something I appreciate since I prefer to keep anonymity. The colour palette is very muted and rooted in the swatches found in my artwork. 

What inspired your design ideas? Did you focus on trends?

My direct needs inspired the technical requirements. I travel often and so I am in constant need of a good toiletry bag. I don’t look at trends. I use the ‘X’ mark throughout my work and designed the gloves I would love to wear.

Do you have a favourite, go-to product from the collection?

I would say the “Racer” pair is my go to because it is a more traditional driving glove. However, I have fallen in love with the “Griffin.”

The Suited Racer x Dents Lando Gloves

What makes the accessories in the collection perfect for the modern gentlemen?

They were designed with the needs of a modern gentleman in mind.

Most men have a smart-phone. Touchscreen isn’t a luxury with gloves. It is a necessity, especially if you’re on a motorcycle or in cold weather. They flawlessly help one navigate one’s phone, or any touch screen on an automobile or motorbike.

RFID is all the rage. The wallets are equipped with a level of protection that keeps digital thieves from stealing vital information.

The modern gentleman is constantly travelling. The toiletry tote is the right size for the man on the move.

What ties it all together is that all these things were incorporated into classic silhouettes with design marks and tweaks that make them special additions to any collection.

What is the inspiration behind your signature ‘x’ motif?

The X is the universal symbol for rejection. Anyone who has ever succeeded at anything will tell you that success came after many, many rejections. Rejection is redirection and I want to encourage those who face it to see it in this light. Keep at it. Persevere.

What’s next for The Suited Racer?

The “Suited Racer” graphic novel. It’s a story that I think most people will be able to relate to. The war between selfishness and empathy projected through society. Issue One is available on my website. 

The Suited Racer x Dents Collection

The Suited Racer x Dents Collection

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