Recently, Justin Barrow, a Morgan car fan, approached us with his video, entitled ‘The Gloves’, that shows a personal connection with his father’s beautiful white 1981 Plus 8. It was lovely to see a pair of Dents driving gloves in Cognac/English Tan being featured!So, last week we invited Justin over to visit Dents HQ, to talk about his video and take a tour around the building…

Using his creative skills as an Art Director, Justin’s nostalgic video was the perfect way to capture his family’s love of Morgan cars. It had been his father’s dream to own one, and it was finally fulfilled 6 years ago, when the Plus 8 came into his life. Justin describes Morgans as a “vessel for creating memories” that will be passed down from generation to generation, which is emphasised now that his children also enjoy being driven around in the car. His son was the young boy featured in the video.

The response to Justin’s video was far bigger than expected when it was shared throughout Vimeo and car forums. It quickly gained thousands of views. Even Morgan saw the video, and said they were impressed that so much integrity could be captured in as little as 2 minutes. The video has even been entered into a film award.

The art of craftsmanship is something that Justin finds fascinating. He recently visited the Morgan factory to see the cars in production, so we took him into the Dents factory to see our heritage gloves being hand crafted, using methods that date back to 230 years ago. A talk about the luxury leathers we use and a tour around the museum was also included in the visit.

So why choose Dents gloves? His mother and father both own a pair, so to keep with the family tradition, his own Dents driving gloves seemed the best choice!

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