In July, a pair of specially made Dents gloves reached the summit of Mount Meru. Lily Ballantyne-Morrison successfully climbed 14,977 feet up Africa’s fifth highest mountain in a pair of silk lined gloves that were specially tailored to suit her hands, as one of her fingers was unfortunately lost in an accident. Recently, she came into Dents HQ to talk about her experience of the expedition…

Mount Meru stands at an impressive 14,977 feet (4565m), whereas Little Meru is 12,532 feet (3820m) high. The bottom right picture shows Lily at the top of Mount Meru

The glove, Longleat from the Heritage Collection, was specially made in our factory in Warminster. To achieve this, our craftspeople designed a new template for the leather and silk lining to suit Lily’s hand. A few attempts were made to get the sizing right, but once the glove was complete, the comfort was perfect for the climb!

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