With the night’s drawing in and the mornings getting crisper, the transition from summer to autumn can be very gloomy. Our Autumn/Winter Collection will add vibrancy to any dull day, as many pieces have colourful alternatives to the traditional blacks and browns. 

This stunning traditional British made leather style will add a pop of colour to any autumn outfit, with its vibrant and eye-catching red share. The cashmere lining will also help keep your hands warm throughout this chilly autumn/winter.


This beautiful cashmere lined Heritage glove with contrasting palm, will add a subtle pop of colour to any autumn/winter outfit.



Another piece from our Heritage collection, this glove will add another layer of autumnal tone to your everyday style. The cashmere lining will help keep your hands warm throughout this chilly season.

 Leather Wallets and Belts


Our beautiful natural pebble leather collection has been very popular with the upcoming autumn/winter season. With a vast choice of colours, including our Berry Red and Royal Blue, they will add an extra layer of texture and colour to your daily style.

New Arrivals

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