Dents' heritage gloves are steeped in luxury and skilled craftsmanship. Our limited edition, handsewn Vicuña lined Peccary leather gloves are no exception.
The rare Vicuña wool that lines this exquisite pair of gloves adds an exceptional touch of opulence.

The Vicuña, a South American member of the camel family, was held in high regard by earlier civilisations in Peru, especially the Incas. In the 13th Century, the Incas believed that the animal possessed special powers and they referred to it as their very own ‘Golden Fleece.’ Members of the aristocracy would revel in the lavish attire that the "Inca’s wool" created and as the fabric was in such high demand the animal became endangered. Thankfully the animal survived and we can enjoy this stunning fibre today.

The Vicuña lining used in our luxury leather gloves is only available in its natural shade to ensure that the fabric remains remarkably soft, light and in its purest form. It is also complementary to the cork-coloured leather that protects it, creating the perfect combination of style and quality.

Vicuña lined peccary leather glove

The durable and soft qualities of Peccary leather, makes it the perfect material to dress the delicate Vicuña lining. Dents is, in fact, one of the very few manufacturers in the world that continues to produce goods using this unbeatable, high-quality leather.

Every pair of vicuna gloves comes with a special box and a certificate of authenticity. 

 Vicuña lined peccary leather  glove

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