Wedding gloves are a timeless bridal accessory and we have a number of styles to complement any dress.

Finding the right glove is essential to achieve a look that oozes elegance on your big day and you can easily narrow down your options based on the style of your dress.  The most basic thing to remember here is the longer the sleeve of the dress the shorter your glove should be.

For a dress with shorter or off the shoulder sleeves your best option are mid-length gloves. In this instance, we’d recommend our Women’s Long Satin Evening Gloves that only go as far as the elbow.

A strapless dress on the other hand means you don’t have to be restricted by a certain length. Here, we would suggest our Women’s Long Satin Evening Gloves or the Women’s Long Satin Gloves with Feather Cuffs. Our feather cuffs gloves are perfect if you’re looking to achieve a wedding style that’s out of the ordinary (and why not!)



Finally, if your dress has long sleeves then you’ll want to choose a shorter glove style such as our Cotton Crochet Gloves and Matt Satin Gloves. Many of these gloves are made from lace so if your dress is made from a more delicate material then perhaps these should be some to consider.

A wedding dress with gloves is a timeless look that epitomises elegance. Browse our stunning selection of wedding gloves.

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