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Why Dents?

Dents gloves have graced the hands of royalty, movie stars and the stylish since 1777. Helping to warm hands, turn heads and win admiring glances, the right pair of Dents gloves will add a stylish finishing touch to any outfit, whether that's sporty elegance, modern casual or English country.

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Style tips

Just as leather has subtle variations in colour and markings, everyone's style is unique. As a rule, smooth leather gloves are ideal for a smart, modern look whereas deerskin and grainier leathers suit a more casual style. English tan hairsheep leather gloves complement any outfit, making them the perfect wardrobe staple.

Gloving Material


High quality leather is an eternally stylish material that acquires a beautiful patina with age. Naturally soft and durable, a pair of Dents gloves is a timeless wardrobe essential that will bring enjoyment for many decades to come. However, not all leather is equal. Some leathers have a greater strength and elasticity. Others offer more warmth, or a stunning sheen. The glove style also determines which leather is most suitable. A driving glove, for instance, needs greater flexibility, making hairsheep leather the perfect choice.

Our most popular leathers include:


A superior leather for gloves that comes mainly from sheep that grow fine hair, rather than wool. Supple, flexible and durable, hairsheep is good for classic looks and driving gloves. Our touchscreen hairsheep leather gloves allow you to use your phone with gloves on.


Sheepskin (shearling) and lambskin gloves are ultra-warm with softness that's hard to beat. Timelessly stylish, with a natural wool lining to keep hands snug, lambskin and sheepskin mittens and gloves help you stay smart and warm no matter how cold it is. Match with casual or classic country wear.


Deerskin has the strength and elasticity of hairsheep but with a rugged appearance due to the grain. Warm, breathable and perfect for everyday use, our deerskin leather creates a luxuriously soft and stylish casual glove style.


A beautiful, soft and durable leather originating from wild boars. Rare and highly prized due to the specialist glove cutting and hand sewing skills required, Dents is one of few glovemakers to design and sustainably manufacture peccary gloves.


Glove linings offer a layer of luxury and protect hands from the cold. Dents linings are carefully selected to best complement the style of your gloves, cashmere, silk and chamois offer an especially luxurious feel.

Our most popular linings include:


A beautiful natural fibre from the hair of mountain goats that is supremely soft, warm and lightweight. Cashmere is often used in our classic styles and Heritage range, as well as some fashion gloves.


Ultra-luxurious silk is naturally temperature regulating, making it ideal for year-round glove use. Our Milanese silk uses a special knit process that prevents laddering if the silk catches on sharp objects. Silk linings are used in both and men's and women's glove ranges.


A fine chamois lining is a natural insulator offering comfort and warmth. Dents is one of the few remaining glovemakers to use this special, expensive lining which combines beautifully with deerskin gloves.


Gloving Technique

The fit of the glove is entirely dependent on the skill and craftsmanship of the master cutter and sewing team. It can take 32 different steps to make a pair of Dents gloves, with each stage carefully examined for any imperfections, before the gloves are ready to carry the Dents name.

Stitching Terms


Seams are sewn together inside out so that when the glove is turn the right way there is a hidden seam.


A more time-consuming and expensive process that yields a beautiful custom finish and perfect fit.

Whip stitched

A decorative stitch, also known as brosser, which circles the outside seams of mainly women's gloves.

Prix seam

Unlike inseam stitching, prix seam gloves reveal an exposed seam more popular in men's gloves.

Glove Terms


Three lines, or sometimes a single line, of decorative stitching found on the back of the glove.


The inside panels on the fingers of some glove styles.


Small diamond shaped leather pieces hand sewn into the base of the fingers to improve the fit. Dents is one of the only companies in the world that still uses this technique - but only on our most luxurious gloves!

Button length

The measurement in inches from the base of the glove thumb to the cuff of the glove.

This glove measures at 8 button length, extending 7 inches from the base of the thumb.

Strap & roller

The strap found mainly on a man's glove for adjusting the fit around the wrist.


The 'V' shape cut found on the palm or back of the glove to improve the fit around the wrist.

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