We're so thrilled to introduce Copper Island into The Suited Racer x Dents collection. We take a look at what The Suited Racer has to say about this cosy, cashmere lined addition and why this glove is perfect for the modern gentleman.

What was the inspiration behind the latest design?

The inspiration behind the latest design was a more classic Motorbike glove. The padding for protection and comfort, while merging it with classic lines for a more refined aesthetic. Winter can be brutal, so being constrained to a fully covered glove offered new frontiers for functionality. 
Copper Island
Could you talk about the glove’s features in detail…What were the reasons behind the padded palm and knuckles?

I wear gloves on a daily basis throughout the year. Cashmere lined gloves offer a warmth that is second to none, while keeping the overall design slim. Padded palms and knuckles are a functional staple for any motorcycle gloves. The nod here provides that, while doing it in a way the remains stylish. 
Copper Island
What is it about this glove that makes it perfect for the modern gentleman?

The modern gentleman, as opposed to his predecessor, requires accessories that demand more. He needs things that are both stylish AND functional.

Is the Racer still your go-to glove?

Absolutely, just not in the winter. It simply won’t hold up against the wind chill on the motorbike.  

What can we expect next from The Suited Racer x Dents collection?

Who’s to say? But the Dents team and I are always working to reinterpret tried and true classics in a refreshing, modern way.

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