The Spey wallet, or as it's often called, the magic wallet, is a MUST-HAVE accessory. Originally invented by French waiters for keeping their tips, it is why it is the perfect size. It's compact and practical and you’ll no longer have to worry about unsightly bulging pockets.

What makes our magic wallet different?

Our Spey wallet comes with RFID blocking technology, meaning that it contains a protective shield that prevents the personal information  in the radio frequency tags embedded in your credit cards, from being accessed without your consent. Not only does it feature RFID blocking technology, but it is fitted with 6 card sleeves which allows you to have maximum storage. 

But how does it work?

The wallet is carefully constructed to create a magical illusion. It is as simple as opening and closing it to see your money securely locked away. The open and closing motion allows the elastic straps to interlock, securing loose notes under the straps.

Watch below to see how it works!


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