Cotton crochet gloves originally gained popularity in the 1890s, particularly in France. The love for this style of glove lasted well into the 1950s and it is experiencing a  resurgence in popularity in the modern day. However, the skills required to hand crochet a pair of cotton gloves are in short supply today, so production capacity is seriously limited.

The demand for all types of gloves in previous centuries was extremely high. Not only were they perfect for staying warm in cars without heating systems, but they were also a vital accessory for attaining a certain level of etiquette. Over the years, as gloves have been worn less and less for societal reasons, the number of craftspeople making gloves has also diminished. At Dents, we continue to craft our Heritage Collection gloves in our factory in England, although we do not hand crochet gloves ourselves.


woman wearing Cotton crochet gloves in a bar with a vintage look


Crochet gloves are often made from mercerised cotton in a variety of weights, with heavier yarns for winter and lighter, finer yarns for summer. These fabrics are widely made in Europe and Asia and are a cheaper option to intricate lacework. The cotton crochet gloves in our collection today, and those of the past, are still made in the same way: hand crocheted by women at home.

Although fully crocheted gloves feature more in women’s fashion, crochet back driving gloves are extremely popular with men. Our Lancaster and Cotswold gloves epitomise vintage style, made from luxury leathers and featuring the classic crochet back detail. If you’re looking for an even more luxurious option, our Donnington gloves are crafted in England and partner perfectly with a vintage car.


Handmade from luxury leathers and featuring the classic crochet back detail, vintage racing driver gloves


Crochet gloves in the modern day have grown in popularity due to a number of events and media. From vintage festivals, like Goodwood Revival, to hit Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’ which triggered the regency-core trend in mainstream fashion.
Bridgerton characters wearing crochet gloves
Image source: © Netflix 

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