Evening gloves were first seen in the 17th Century. It wasn't until the Regency era, the 1800s, that they really became fashionable. After World War 1, they became MUST HAVE accessory for Hollywood glamour and formal evenings. They are often now used by celebrities when styling their red carpet looks. Here are my top 5 favourites:


1. The Polly Gloves - Long Leather Evening Gloves


Our Polly gloves end just above the elbow, and they can be dressed up or down. Wear with a formal evening gown, like Poppy Delevingne in 2019 at a Jo Malone shoot. Or styled down with jeans and a white top, like Jade from Little Mix did in April 2021. These are the exact gloves and you can get them here.

© Jo Malone, © Luke Gilford 

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2. Long Satin Evening Gloves


These gloves are all about effortless sophistication. These were featured on the Morelli Brothers 'The Beautiful Fall' feature in September 2019, Tatler issue and can be added to any outfit. Dress them up with your favourite evening gowns, or even style them down with smart-casual glam. We stock them in 14 different colours, making them a wardrobe staple, and the perfect accessory to complement a variety of colourful outfits. Shop yours now!

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3. Long Tulle Evening Gloves


Long tulle evening gloves allow skin to be seen, whilst still being sophisticated. The delicate fabric allows you to wear them up or scrunched down, yet still having a classy appearance either way. Dress them up with a formal evening gown, dramatic Haute Couture outfit, or even a jumpsuit! Priyanka Chopra was seen wearing our tulle gloves in her May 2020, Tatler feature.

© Tatler © Jack Waterlot

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4. Long Velvet Evening Gloves


Although the long velvet evening glove is perfect for winter occasions, there is no reason why they cannot be styled into a Spring/Summer outfit. These come in 7 different colours and allow you to add a subtle or bright splash of sophistication to your outfit. These evening gloves could be partnered with a velvet outfit or even use them to add some texture to your formal attire. They are both an elegant and comfortable accessory!

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5. Long Lace Evening Gloves

The long lace evening gloves add a more traditional feminine approach to your formal wear. We stock them in 6 different colours, our white pairs are the perfect bridal accessory.

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