Our fashion focus of the moment is the versatile long leather glove. A statement piece that will add an edge to any look, this accessory is ideal for keeping your hands and arms protected against the winter chill in the air.

So many trends can be achieved with this style of glove. Many of you may think they have a rather Gothic appearance, but they can also be sophisticated and even elegant depending on what you wear with them. So let’s look at styling yours around a few key pieces of clothes: the winter coat, and the dress.

Wear With a Winter Coat

There are several ways you can style your long leather gloves with a winter coat – it all depends on the coat’s cut. Short-sleeved and cape coats are ideal for fully revealing the glove and working with layers. If your coat has long sleeves, either push them up to the elbow – or drape the coat over your shoulders.

Wear With a Dress

Elbow length leather gloves can give any dress a little edge. The trend is regularly seen on high end catwalks and celebs. Plus, with monochrome weddings becoming increasingly popular, the stark contrast between white wedding dresses and a pair of black gloves really makes this styling work.

So, if this accessory appeals to you, we have just the right style! Discover the Women’s Long Leather Glove. With a length of 62cm, the glove ends above the elbow for extra elegance, and beautifully features 3 points and button detailing on the side. Opt for a pair in black if dressing for a glamorous occasion, or mocca for everyday accessorising.

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