The weather is in a transitional stage at the moment - something everyone has to keep in mind as we plan our new season wardrobes! Get to know the best of our top three Autumn/Winter saviours: hats, scarves, and of course gloves. Come rain or shine, we've got you covered.

Let It Snow

Everything seems so much more magical when it snows, doesn't it?  If we're lucky enough to get a White Christmas this year, it'll give us the perfect excuse to layer up in cosy gloves, winter scarves.


1. Cable Knit Ombré Scarf in Charcoal  |  2. ‘Amelia’ Women’s Wool Lined Hairsheep Leather Gloves with Tipped Fur Cuffs in Black  |  3. ‘Ascot’ Men’s Touchscreen Knitted Fairisle Pattern Gloves in Black  |  4. Waxed Cotton Trapper Hat with Faux Fur Trim in Olive

We all crave cosiness when the freezing weather hits, and winter is when wool works best! A thick, wool scarf will give you much needed warmth, and can easily become the centre piece of your outfit. Also, a lot of heat escapes from your head, so put a stop to this with the help of a trapper hat (which ensures that your ears are completely covered), or a women’s hat made of faux fur.

Looking forward to making a few snowballs? Go for gloves that are ideally knitted or lined with wool, to provide natural warmth, comfort, and a natural elasticity for an improved fit. Anything with a Nordic print will also add a festive vibe! If you’re always texting or using your phone while on the go, don’t let the freezing temperatures get in the way – choose a pair of touchscreen technology gloves!

Unpredictable Weather Changes

Fast-changing weather can be frustrating, but it’s something we’re very used to in England! Early morning can be a little cold or frosty, whereas midday may turn blissfully sunny – only for the day to be finished off with a downpour in the afternoon. So if you don’t know what weather to expect, ‘inbetween’ accessories act as a good compromise.

  1. ‘Rose’ Women’s Silk Lined Leather Gloves in Saddle  |  2. Felt Fedora Style Hat in Camel   |  3. ‘Keswick’ Men’s Silk Lined Hairsheep Leather Gloves in Brown  |  4.  Lightweight Scarf in Charcoal

When it comes to the gloves, it’s all down to the linings – silk’s versatility will suit multiple temperatures, as it’s cool on sunny days, and warm in the winter. A fedora (or other brimmed hat) is great for blocking off the sun, but can also protect you from any light drizzles. And to stop you from getting too hot or too cold, go for a lightweight scarf – you don’t want to be carrying a heavy scarf around if the sun decides to make a welcome appearance!

Don’t Rain on Your Parade

They say every cloud has a silver lining – and in this case, we’ve found the perfect accessories to stop the miserable weather from putting a dampener on your day…

1. Wax Cotton Hat with Tweed Detail in Brown  |  2.  ‘Helene’ Women’s Cashmere Lined Plain Hairsheep Leather Gloves in Black  |  3. Lambswool Plain Scarf in Amethyst  |  4. Wax Cotton Flat Cap in Sage

A rainy day can make the sky depressingly grey, so inject some colour with a vibrant scarf. Plus, you’re less likely to catch a cold!

Wax cotton products are great at beating the rain! Found in some of our hats and gloves, this water resistant material will let the raindrops roll of your accessories with ease. You may also want to choose a longer glove like Helene if possible, so you’re less likely to get that horrible feeling of water going down your sleeve! For extra cosiness, we suggest finding a glove lined with a warm fleece, or  luxurious cashmere lining (sourced from the hair of mountain goats, whose fleece allows them to survive the extreme weather conditions they are exposed to).

We hope these tips will help you fight any weather in maximum style!

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