When cars were first introduced gloves were an essential. If you owned a car then you owned a pair of driving gloves. Nowadays, the necessity of a driving glove isn’t as prevalent. Today, driving gloves still offer all the same benefits as when they were first arrived, but now the styling of the glove has become just as important. These gloves are no longer just for driving.

If you’re starting to style driving gloves stick with a simple colour like black. This will easily work with your existing wardrobe and can be paired with most outfits.

Fabia von Hauff styling women's driving gloves

Fabia von Hauff styling driving gloves like Thruxton in Black

For a more Spring/Summer appropriate look, a tan, cognac leather will work well with light denim. Alternatively, for a vintage feel, our classic crochet back driving gloves are the perfect option.

@tuesdaythursdaysunday wearing our Kelly Crochet Back Gloves

@tuesdaythursdaysunday wearing our Kelly Crochet Back Gloves

For those of you looking to make a statement pick a bold berry red or lilac for softer look.

Dents Thruxton Driving Gloves in Berry

At the end of the day if you can’t decide on a colour you can always match the interior of your car…

View our women's driving glove collection here.

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