Wedding gloves are a timeless bridal accessory and it’s important to find the right pair. To make your search a little less stressful, we have curated a guide to help you choose the perfect wedding gloves.

First, decide on the type of gown you plan to wear - most importantly the length of the sleeve on your dress. The idea is, the longer the sleeve, the shorter your gloves. 

For brides who have chosen a strapless or a string strap dress, your options are endless. You have complete freedom to pick the length of the gloves, whether that is over the elbow, elbow-length or mid-length. With longer gloves, you also have the option of different styles.

If it’s simplicity and elegance you’re looking for, we have long satin gloves, which are the perfect finish to any strapless ensemble.

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For more glamorous brides who want that Hollywood look, our long lace gloves are your best option. We’ve recently seen this style of glove on Nicole Peltz-Beckham who wore beautiful long lace wedding gloves to complement her Valentino Couture dress. If that doesn’t scream glamour then I don't know what does. 

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A modern bride's style captures romance but keeps the traditional look, whilst taking a step towards minimalism. Our long tulle gloves' sheer fabric gives you less coverage with a more minimal-modern style.

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In contrast, for brides with long sleeve dresses, shorter gloves add a delicate detail that finishes off the look. You are really spoilt for choice here, from matt satin gloves to cotton crochet gloves.  Any of these gloves will make a perfect accessory to contribute to your big day look.

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Wedding gloves are a reflection of your personal style and no rule book can capture your individuality. Lace or silk, long or short, we're sure you'll look beautiful on your big day.

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