Dents become part of the Rimmel London Look.

Rimmel is a well-known and established British cosmetics brand, known for its patriotism within its branding. Using unashamedly British models in their campaigns, and dropping the now- famous- line ‘Get the London Look’ in an authentic accent, really sells British style.

Rimmel x Dents

Models such as Lily Cole, Kate Moss and singer Sophie Ellis Bextor, have appeared in Rimmel campaigns over the years. Georgia May Jagger, daughter of model Jerry Hall and rock star Mick Jagger, is the newest member of the Rimmel clan. With her mother’s style and father’s juicy lips, she was bound to become a stunning model with that DNA.

Rimmel sell a look, that of the unique British style which is admired all across the world. To complete the London look, the beauty brand has incorporated our women’s leather Union Jack gloves into the campaign. For their new BB cream foundation, Jagger displays her beautiful flawless skin by pulling her hair back with her patriotic gloved hands. women's union jack glove

Women's Union Jack Gloves.

So if you’re looking to get the British look, look no further than Dents!

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