Characters Daisy Buchanan andJay Gatsby

Characters Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby

It’s been greatly anticipated since 2011, when Director Baz Luhrman announced he would be creating a remake of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, casting a host of huge names to play the leading roles. However this iconic story has influenced beyond the box office polls, being a huge source of inspiration for many of the designers this season. It’s all about classic and elegant tailored suits for the gents, so think summer in the Hamptons and classic American labels like Ralph Lauren. And for the ladies it’s all about luxury embellishments of sparkling diamonds, strings of pearls and exotic feathers. The flapper dresses, probably the most iconic piece from the decade, teamed with intricate headdresses were often accompanied by that timeless accessory – the glove.


A Dents advertisement in Good Housekeeping circa 1924

A Dents advertisement in Good Housekeeping circa 1924.

The novel was set in Long Island New York, during the roaring twenties. An exciting time with speakeasies providing a thrill of illegality, and the topics of conversation straying towards the rather taboo subject of sex, it was no wonder women’s fashion was taking huge strides. The dresses were getting shorter and the necklines getting lower, and even though there may have been more flesh on show, it was a very decadent era full of elegance and beauty, so obviously gloves were a part of it…. 

Selection of women's gloves from Dents museum collection

A few of our ladies gloves from the museum collection

I had a little hunt through the Dents museum with our curator Sarah, and found a few little 1920s gems. We have both men’s and women’s gloves from this era, our men’s selection is very similar to our modern day heritage collection, perhaps showing that men’s gloves haven’t change much in 90 years. On the other hand, our ladies pieces are very different with intricate stitching and flared cuffs. If you’re looking to mimic the 20s style, long elbow length gloves are always a good choice if you’re going for the flapper-party girl look. But if you want a more discreet day look (look to Daisy Buchanan), go for a more delicate lace glove or a longer length cuff. 

Detail on 1920s leather gloves

Beautiful detailing on the 20s gloves

The Great Gatsby has been our summer style inspiration, and we’re looking forward to a season of sophistication and decadence.

Looking for your own Gatsby gloves? Take a look at our women’s collection

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