Unsurprisingly, the demand for driving gloves became increasingly apparent following the introduction of the automobile in the late 19th Century. Initially, driving gloves were popular because of their practicality; they protected drivers from wooden veneers on steering wheels and were a welcome accessory during the colder months. Today, the driving glove has experienced somewhat of a revival. They not only make the driving experience more comfortable, but are perceived as a stylish addition to any outfit, both on and off the road.

The driving glove is a great statement piece, and can give a touch of Vintage style to any look. Our selection of gloves features a wide range of colours, so you can be as bold as you like. 

Some of our favourite designs include…..

Men’s Contrast Leather Driving Gloves

We love the vibrant, coloured stitching on these gloves. They provide a new lease of life to what otherwise would be, another traditional, black or brown pair. This design is made from our Hairsheep Leather, making it a durable glove, with just the right amount of elasticity, to ensure lasting comfort.

WAS £69.00            


NOW £55.20

Thruxton Women's Leather Driving Glove    

A bold accessory that transports us back to the swinging 60s. They're the perfect match for daring prints and give a touch of sophistication to any look. 

WAS £55.00 

NOW £44.00


Lancaster Men's Crochet Back Driving Gloves 

These gloves are a timeless favourite. They're perfect for the modern gentlemen and classic car owners alike. 

WAS £60.00   

   NOW £48.00

Have a browse at our NEW IN men's & women's driving gloves. 

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