Dents are world renowned for the luxury leather gloves in our Heritage Collection, and we are very proud that they are hand-crafted in our very own English factory in Warminster, Wiltshire. And after producing gloves for over 235 years, we have perfected the art of the Dents ‘secret fit’!


In our exciting new behind the scenes video, you’ll see craftsmanship at its finest, as we highlight the key stages involved in our glove making process. Click below to gain an insight into the high level of skill and dedication that goes into (up to) 32 highly skilled operations, which can take our craftspeople as many as 8 hours to complete. And we think the results are definitely worth it!

Take a look – we’d love to know your thoughts!

Check out the factory’s behind the scenes images on our Pinterest board, and find out more about our leather gloves here.

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