First the News of the World – now SHE.  This magazine, known to many people all their lives, is to close.

SHE has been through some hectic times, and was once described as the most “re-launched” magazine in Britain! But it has always been there, ever since its first edition appeared in the early 1950s.  Over the years it has changed format and style many times – from a feature and fashion title in the exciting 60s, to running explicit stories such as “Love Making Position of the Month” in the late 1980s. Then it changed again, and aimed at more traditional content material for 35-plus women with modern lifestyles.

Whatever its theme and format, it has been a well loved part of Britain’s magazine scene, still attracting a good readership of well over 140,000 a month.

Over the years the magazine has regularly featured Dents accessories and has been a great fan of our gloves, both formal and fun. We have worked with them on so many fashion stories – the idea below, featuring a collection of our bright leather gloves, started with a full jar of jelly beans, but we kept eating them, and a half empty jar just  didn’t have the same impact! The colourful balls worked just as well though, and made for an exciting fashion page.

All in all, it feels like the end of another era. Cosmopolitan Brides is also closing. But other titles are coming up, new electronic magazines are coming on line, and the future,  like our summer gloves, is very bright!


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