On Friday 2nd August, we had the pleasure of visiting the Bath Fashion Museum and its fabulous Glove Stories Exhibition, which will be on display until 1st March 2020.

Fashion Museum Manager, Rosemary Harden gave us a private tour of this fascinating display which showcases some of the finest examples of historical gloves over the past 400 years.

We are very proud to say that several of the exhibited gloves have been borrowed from our very own archive collection. This includes King Charles I’s ornately embroidered gloves and Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation glove. These have rarely been seen by the public, and  what a great way to share these amazing artefacts with you.


A glimpse at gloves from royal history

King Charles I's glove and Queen Elizabeth II's coronation glove

The Glove Stories exhibition features a display of ‘Gloves with Hidden Messages.’ It highlights how gloves have been invested with symbolism and hidden meanings throughout history, with gloves from the 1700s all the way up to 2019 being exhibited.

Perhaps, why we love this display so much however,  is because it showcases the work of our very own designer, Heidi. As you can see below, Heidi’s glove design is a very modern take on the idea of ‘gloves with hidden messages.’ Made from Hairsheep Leather and decorated with the famous Christian Dior quote, “Black and white might be sufficient, but why deprive yourself of colour”, we think they look fab!

Heidi and her fabulous glove design

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