As you may know, we hold many fascinating gloves and artifacts in our private museum archives, so today we’ll be rounding up some of the best Dents adverts (and other related printed media from the 20th century) found in our collection. Let’s delve back in time…

Illustrated advert, c.1920s

‘Your hands deserve Dents’ was a strapline that was often used in our vintage adverts. Fur gauntlet gloves – such as the pair seen in this beautifully illustrated advert – were oversized and specifically designed to keep hands warm when driving, as cars tended to be open top in the 1920s. This meant that this style of glove was very popular during early 20th century.

It’s always interesting to see how advertising has developed over the decades! If you like learning about the historical side of Dents, head over to our ‘A Look Back’ board on Pinterest – or follow our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages to stay tuned for more throwbacks!

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