Recently, here at Dents HQ, television cameras and crews have been a common sight. This time, the reason for their visit was the 60th anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and Dents’ contribution to it.

Filming Queen Elizabeth's II's Coronation Gloves with ITV News

Filming Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation Glove with ITV News

Some of you may not know that Dents proudly produced the Coronation glove for the Queen, back in 1953.  We also have the honour of housing a duplicate of the Coronation glove, now safely kept under lock and key at our head office in Warminster. This glove was made in exactly the same way as the original Coronation glove, to be used as a spare if the original was damaged before the big day. This beautiful and intricately decorated glove shares its home with the Coronation glove of Queen Elizabeth I, which was made in 1559.

Coronation glove for her majesty the queen

 The Coronation Gloves of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II kept at Dents

ITV West Country News visited us to find out a bit more about the regal glove.  Their feature included footage of both the Coronation in 1953, and the beautiful duplicate glove stored in the Dents museum.

Watch us on ITV West Country News.

The Coronation glove story continued to prove popular as we were also interviewed by BBC Wiltshire Radio. The interview focussed upon Queen Elizabeth I’s Coronation glove and also showed more about the history and collection of gloves we have at our Warminster headquarters.

Listen to our BBC Wiltshire Radio interview.

We are delighted to have shared these elegant and historic pieces with the public.

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